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our biker service


* Guided eBike tours & guide

* free Silvretta Card

* Breakfast & dinner

* Bike space & tools

* Laundry service on site

* Bike accessories

* current weather forecast

* regional biker menu

+ and much more

eBike - that means pleasure cycling in Ischgl


Young and old conquer the valleys, gorges and peaks of the local mountains with ease on their bicycles. What could only be achieved by well-trained mountain bikers until a few years ago can now be done by almost everyone thanks to e-bikes. Finally, many people can enjoy unique mountain idyll, which are often not accessible by car, by cable car or even on foot.


Well hidden places in the furthest corners of the valleys are explored on your own with the e-bike. And the nice thing is: Depending on your condition, you can decide for yourself whether you want a lot or little "support" from the electric motor. But that doesn't mean that you don't have to do anything to get ahead. After all, an e-bike is not a motorcycle. The pedal is still required. The motor only supports the pedaling force. Depending on personal use, distance and distance covered, a battery can last up to 70 km.

eBiking is not just a trend, eBiking is a way of life

Rent eMountainBike !!
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you can also just

rent an eBike


for 1/2 or 1 day ... depending on your mood

more information in the hotel




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