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ISCHGL also has a lot to offer in SUMMER ... hiking mountain biking motorcycling ... relaxing



Forest pool Silvretta

In the summer months, the Silvretta forest pool offers wonderful cooling. Here visitors can relax on the large lawn or develop the perfect slide technique on the water slide.

There is a separate children's area and a swimmer pool with the 47 meter slide. Numerous trees provide soothing shade and a café provides refreshing drinks and treats.

Walking and playing

The beautiful nature of the area invites you to take a little hike or a walk before the bathing day. A forest path leads from Ischgl to the bath. In addition to the water, there is a children's playground with a climbing frame, seesaw animals and much more.

Opening hours:
Mid-June to late August 2020

Day ticket adults:
Euro 5.50


In the Ischgl mountain worlds there are numerous hiking trails huts lakes just enjoy the wonderful panorama

Our tips

Sivretta Wanderarena Idalpe

Bergli lake ... Kops & Silvretta reservoir

Bodenalpe ... Heidelberger hut

Paznauner Taja

Friedrichshafner hut


Tandem paragliding / paragliding in Ischgl

The dream of flying could soon come true in Ischgl! Together with the experienced team of Twin Fly, the paragliding tandem flight takes you to the lofty heights of the Ischgl mountains. And in summer as in winter - in the cold season you can even start directly from the ski slope!


When it comes to action-packed and at the same time close to nature mountain bike holidays, one address is at the forefront in Tyrol: the Paznaun and thus Ischgl.


While the winter months belong entirely to skiers, summer after summer more and more bikers fall in love with the trails and tours. It is easy to explain why: In addition to mountain bike or downhill professionals, beginners can also romp in the almost limitless cycle path network. So every bike type has fun - and that's what matters in sports.


But bike enjoyment doesn't end with tours and trails. Optimal infrastructure, numerous mountain bike accommodations, rentals and shops complete the experience for every cyclist. See for yourself!


Breathtaking alpine passes, mighty three-thousand meter peaks, sparkling lakes - a motorcycle tour through Tyrol's impressive alpine landscape is a highlight for all bike fans. There is hardly any other place where you can enjoy the feeling of freedom in the saddle of a motorcycle as beautiful as in Paznaun - from May until well into October.


Varied panoramic routes, more than 30 passes and breathtaking views behind every curve - who is surprised that more horsepower enthusiasts get on their motorbike for a tour in Tyrol every year?


The selection of motorcycle tours could hardly be more diverse. The incomparable landscape of the Alps can be “experienced” in a spectacular way not only in the border triangle of Switzerland, Austria and Italy, but some of the tours also extend to Bavaria. Whether a short test drive or a day trip between 200 and 365 kilometers - in Tirol there is guaranteed to be the right route for every driver and every motorcycle!

5 tour highlights you shouldn't miss in Paznaun


Skyfly zip line


At up to 84 kilometers per hour, courageous visitors whiz with the Skyfly zip line from the middle station of the Silvretta cable car parallel to this direction Ral.

The visitor travels 307 meters in altitude. Floating around 50 meters above the ground offers a breathtaking view of the mountains, which is only perceived by the speed and adrenaline.

Two zip lines next to each other

There are two rope tracks so that two visitors can rush into the valley side by side at the same time. The brave must weigh between 30 and 120 kilos and have a minimum height of 1.20 meters. Children between eight and ten years of age bring an accompanying adult.


The zip line is in operation in both summer and winter.

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